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Practice Management Software for Vets

CirrusVet is a web based system that keeps a database of all your clients and animals together with their clinical histories, their bills and payments, appointment history, reminders, every detail such as Chip ID - being web based you can access it from anywhere using just a web browser. It's secure using the latest encryption and is fully backed up, we take care of the servers and the data. CirrusVet is also extremely cost effective from just £50 per month or £30 if you are a new start practice. Fill in your phone number or email below and we will get back to you straight away.

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Clinical Notes Database

Quickly and easily search for a client and animal using fragments of their names, schedule a diary appointment for them or go straight to the consult screen. Enter notes, bill medications upload scans or test results and create invoices or quotes all from the same screen without having to navigate back and forth. The consult window has been designed to streamline the consulting experience and is highly efficient. We can show you in an online demo where we share the screen of our CirrusVet system and take you through appointment - consulting - billing process and all of the other extensive features of the system.


You can create a bill for your client in the consult window as you prescribe the medications and carry out the procedures. The products and services database allows you to create products for sale, the price and also a link to the wholesaler so when their prices rise, so do yours. You can also create macros for operations, this is where you create a procedure like a spey for example and include in it the drugs and consumables you use during the op so that the customer gets an itemised bill. The cost of the macro can either be the addition of all of the constituent parts or a single headline figure.

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CirrusVet provides both automated and manually generated reminders - you can select any product or procedure to produce one or more automatic reminders, to ensure your clients don't forget the important vaccine boosters but also the very necessary flea and wormers. The reminders can be generated as letters or as SMS text messages which does require the SMS service but we can do the messages for 3p each which is less than half of the industry standard cost.

Label Printing

Label printing shouldnt be a big issue but it is, if you have ever had to continually grapple with Windows print drivers or try and print from an iPad you know what I mean. To solve this CirrusVet has a dedicated printer server device which plugs into the internet and into the label printer and when you create a prescription label in the consult the print server will pick that up and print it automatically. It's quick and simple and only available on CirrusVet.

Cirrus Vet Label Printer Server


All you need to access the system is a working web browser, so normally this is a laptop, PC or iPad working on your normal internet connection but it works equally well on your iphone or tethering your iphone to laptop. So nothing will ever stand in the way of you getting on with the job.


Tablet and mobile access represents a progressive approach to a client relationships. It allows for a more home visits and convenient consultation style, as well as the interface being easier and friendlier to use. Most importantly, portability means the system can be updated from any location at any time; extremely useful for second branches and mobile vets.

Migrate to the Cloud

Is it time to move away from the old technology and reap the productivity advantages of the web? Call us and we can help you with issues such as migrating your data to a new system.

Cirrus Vet Migrate to the Cloud